Intermec 3400e Printer – Best Suited for Industrial Printing

Most printers used in rugged environments need a special mechanism to withstand the demanding environment. Such printers can cope up with the changing climate and temperature in industrial places. Intermec is a well known name in the industrial printer arena. Intermec 3400e printing device is used in numerous manufacturing segments including retail, healthcare, inventory control and many others. Its steel casing enclosure can easily withstand a demanding industrial environment. It can offer smooth printing even at very low temperatures ranging from 4 degree Celsius to high temperatures of around 40 degree Celsius.

The revamped Intermec 3400e is versatile and superb as an adaptable and multipurpose industrial power printer based on the rough, sustainable EasyCoder 3400 which has a fairly successful history. The latest look and feel of the Intermec 3400e printer device is impeccable and appealing as it features a striking grey metallic color that matches perfectly in an industrial location and similar setting. It has a certain edge over the traditional series because of its looks and working ability.

Intermec 3400e prints almost 10 times faster than the regular series printers. It proves to be a perfect printing device as the current industry requires printing devices that can print complex labels blending 2D bar codes, mixed fonts and pictorials. The Intermec 3400e uses 21 resident bitmapped fonts (that includes OCR-A and OCR-B), 3 resident outline fonts, supports user-defined fonts as well as graphics. It also has the 200 to 400 dpi resolution print head option that helps in printing high quality bar codes on pressure sensitive labels and tags.

Developing revamped products and enhancing existing solutions remains central to Intermec’s strategy of churning out new products. The revamped Intermec 3400e not only proposes the legendary flexibility & reliability of Series 3400 printing devices but also offers faster and more reliable output. The appealing metallic casing is designed to cover dirt and stain for the ease of safeguarding.

The typical high-speed IEEE 1284 parallel port and an improved serial port guarantee the quick host communications. The built-in Ethernet adapter offers extraordinary throughput and network management without the complications and space constraints of exterior print servers. A long-lasting cutter with alternate tray is available on the 3400D or 3400e printer devices. Obviously, the Intermec 3400e can be said to be fully backward compatible with 3400A/B/C/D printer devices.

All the above features make Intermec 3400e the perfect printing device which can serve to be the perfect solution for a plethora of industrial barcode applications.