All That Your Large Format Inkjet Printer Can Do

It was my first job as the designer’s assistant in an advertising agency that had me gawking at the large format printer shoving out reams of stuff that we needed to put up at the trade show in downtown. I still remember how unnerving it had been to learn to run it on that early model of the big format printer that now in hindsight appears to have been so basic.

When I compare it to the digital printing one that we have now with its range of features, the archaic model appears simple indeed. The speed, the capacity, and the quality are all state of art. Improved ink delivery systems and Ethernet connectivity have made these machines quite indispensable. More so in our line of work.

These machines have really made all kinds of designing jobs so very easy. Everything thing is done perfectly in the shortest possible time. A few good tips are all you need to get started and voilĂ  – the machine does the rest. Large set-up printing gets designed so that when viewed from a distance the text size is huger for easy legibility or viewing.

You may need to pre-plan though when it comes to using colors as mostly large format printers are ink jets. As a designer myself, I do realize the importance of taking a look at the designs you prepare from a distance to see how it looks. Also getting a print in small scale first bears out how it would appear subsequently in large print.

This kind of printing ensures one of the best ways to advertise successfully your great looking designs – all so attractive. Especially huge format vinyl printing which is an altogether different cup of tea gets done on wide or grand format printers that make for wonderful display materials. Quality adhesive vinyl materials with their low fading capacity in daylight are just wonderful.

I have used the big format printer to blow up a holiday family photograph that spreads all over the living room wall. It was easily done at a professional printing shop that makes these prints to order. But when I saw the way it was catching the eye of family and friends – guess what I did. I got the community center to invest in the laser version of this printer. It does a great job and plus we lease it out making money in return, for our projects.

No more running to our local printer every other day to get the best possible resolution for color graphics. There were a few things that I did know to look for before we made the purchase. Having been trained at the job, I ensured that the paper size could go up to 72″ if not more. I even got one that had scanning and copying included, with excellent net working compatibility plus had a special image processor. This inexpensive printer had additional advantages with its built-in paper cutters, sorters and all. It’s great fun teaching enthusiastic members how to work on it like a pro.